Spring Cohort 2018


Transport emission compliance will be a growing need for Governments, City Authorities and owners of vehicles to manage the essential global need to reduce concentrations of pollutants. Testing structures in place today are expensive, prone to fraud and on a very infrequent basis. These practices for the future are not workable with the growing pressure to solve the Air Quality challenge in most countries and especially in Urban areas. EMSOL will create an independent emissions platform that will support a range of new sensor-based hardware units installed by the exhaust which senses and transmits real-time data of emission with current GPS position of vehicle. Emission data (proportion of CO2, CO, HC and NOx) will be provided as a comparison to emission standards for the country/city, assigned on a vehicle basis. The data and the associated vehicle will be fully connected and will provide live emission readings journey by journey linked with location. This accurate and timely emissions data will be part of a growing eco-system that can be used by the various stakeholders; to prove compliance to contracted emissions declaration for projects, or within specific hot spot urban areas. The customers will be construction projects/sites that are regulated under their planning condition to meet emission criteria. Also key Business Improvement Districts will impose expectations on all vehicle movements in their area. Plus, large organisations especially transport authorities, local authorities and all the vehicles associated with contracts or owned fleets will be expected to be fitted with such units to ensure compliance and reporting on the current emissions footprint. Other clients include road vehicle users required to comply with emission testing, saving against their cost of annual check up fees, from expensive, labour intensive local garage service providers. The objective of the hardware unit would be a mail order delivery and self install process and registration, enabling a simpler and quicker approach to distribution and take up of the service.

F&W Insights

F&W insights, is an internet-of-things technology company building digital solutions for the hospitality industry. Their goal is to reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve customer experience in the hospitality industry.   Their first go-to-market product is combating the $6.6bn in losses that US bars, hotels, and restaurants incur each year in draft beer inventory due to faulty dispensing, theft, and over pouring.  They are champions of emerging technologies helping clients in hospitality achieve optimal performance to better serve their customers.  Once their draft beer solution is deployed, they plan to leverage their software backend to deploy similar IoT sensor solutions for Liquor and Wine inventory management, opportunities with total addressable markets of $6.5bn and $4.0bn respectively.

Link Big

Link Engine Optimization (B2B2C).  From Brands & Publishers on Instagram to Insurance companies that want to convert more from their mobile sites... Link Big helps to "read" mobile users, without any mobile cookie, in real time and re-direct them to the relevant page to them. Making more ROI from mobile traffic by just changing a link!

Microspray Technologies

MicroSpray Technologies’ mission is to revolutionise particle manufacturing for pharmaceutical and research industries using an innovative, simple and cost-effective spray technology. Currently, biopharmaceutical industries use costly chemical methods to manufacture microspheres, which rely on batch-type processes, have a low throughput and require a lot of bench space. This is costly, having poor processing efficiency (i.e. polymer-to-particle conversion) and the consumption of plastics is very high (i.e. lab consumables). Through support, MicroSpray Technologies will to bring to market multiplexed atomization devices that enable the manufacture of particles at a rate 16x faster and cheaper than current conventional methods. This process is safer, sustainable and economical, with dramatically reduced size complexity. Our device enables reproducible control over particle size and therefore allows clinicians to administer control over the rate at which drugs are delivered to patients, cutting down on repeated administrations currently costing the NHS £700M/year. This platform technology (known as the electrospray) is considered the “holy grail” of particle manufacture in aerosol generation methods and can now provide the sufficient production of polymeric particles for high-value added applications, such as pharmaceutical drug delivery.

Percept Imagery

Percept Imagery develop highly immersive Virtual Reality(VR) experiences for marketing, training & education. VR solves a huge problems marketers have around engagement and awareness for the their products. Many companies are looking at VR as the next big tech stop. These mechanics have the potential to become really big. Their clients use virtual reality to visualize what they’re building in a way that’s never been possible before. This level of prototyping will give unprecedented insight into a product at the beginning of the process. Decision makers and end-users will be able to provide better and more valuable feedback early in the game. Businesses will end up wasting less time and money. For example: Our proprietary VR platform, Foresight, is a developer’s sales and marketing tool that enables property buyers to explore, interact, and customize a high fidelity virtual version of the property, using the most advanced virtual reality headset - all before a shovel even hits the ground.

Mobilized Construction

Mobilized Construction digitizes road infrastructure management using our proprietary internet-of-things (IoT) sensors and cloud software. We monitor road quality and detect potholes in real-time by equipping vehicles like bin lorries and school buses to collect data at 0 extra operation cost. We provide local councils maps of potholes across their entire network to efficiently plan road repairs to lower costs and expedite service for citizens.